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Planting a Tree in the Fall: Do or Don't?


In order to get the best success from your efforts, you need to learn the best time of year to plant different types of trees. Generally, Fall is the best time to plant Pines, Maples and Fruit trees. Consider starting in late August, September and October.

Why? In the fall, generally there is less chance of drought or sun scorch and the cooler temperatures help roots grow stronger before the season changes.  Consider your state and the different plant hardiness zones, to determine “Fall” in your area.

A few rules --

Rule 1: If the trees in your area still have leaves on them and the soil temperature is consistently 50 degrees Fahrenheit or above,  plant a tree.
Rule 2: Plant 4-6 weeks prior to the winter cold and that will be best for the tree’s lifelong success.

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