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The Best of Bonsai Seeds


A live Bonsai is a living, growing, breathing piece of art.

Bonsai Trees are normal trees, grown from seed or cuttings that are trimmed and trained to be miniature versions.here are a few options to get a Bonsai, we are choosing to grow your tree from seed. It takes patience and diligence over many years, but it is even more rewarding to know you grew it from seed!. We recommend researching about growing Bonsai if you are a beginner to avoid disappointments. 

Features of the Tree 

The Trunk - A thick trunk with twists and texture displaying age and character will give the impression that your tree is older than it really is. The goal is to make your tree look as old and close to a miniature real tree as possible. 

Pruning or Trimming is key to keep the tree in its miniature shape. You can be creative, to develop a visually appealing tree, by pruning every few months leaving time to heal in between. 

Watering: This critical step happens when the soil needs it, there is no regular schedule; every tree may be different. Never wait until the soil is bone dry. 

Bonsai is a very fun and rewarding hobby and art form for everyday life. Taking care of a tree and having maximum control is an experience we recommend to everyone. For people with small spaces, who like to take care of things, and learn a new skill!

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