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First Aid in the Garden with Medicinal Herbs


Fresh herbs reward us with abundant favors, stimulating scents and inspiring green landscapes.

Medicinal Herb Seeds can be grown in pots or gardens.

New to Gardening?

This could be the perfect seed starter seed, for you. As people develop natural and healthy lifestyles, medicinal herbs are in more demand and most herb seed is easy to grow in backyard gardens. Growing herbs from seed is an affordable and rewarding option. Herbs, grown indoors or out, need plenty of sunshine and well-drained soils.

Get a head start on the growing season by planting seeds indoors in the winter and move outside when the threat of frost is past.

What is the most critical component of growing indoor herbs?


If your herbs are growing long stems, they need more light. Find a sunny spot indoors that gets 6-8 hours of light/day. The more sun they receive the more potent the concentration of essential oil within the herb. Some herbs prefer dry conditions like a Mediterranean climate and others grow best in cool temperatures.

TIP: Rotate your pots to get the most light.


Not all plants are equal when it comes to watering needs.

Tip: We recommend planting medicinal herb seeds that require like watering together.


Herbs are adaptable to most soils, but your plants will thrive with rich ,well-drained soils. (potting soil works well).


Some seeds need pre-treatment. Please check the growing instructions, when they arrive, also available online on order page.

Check the plant hardiness zone map for your area if planting outdoors. Herb seeds are easy to grow in a variety of climates, and often have lovely flowers and foliage that can be mixed into your garden beds or landscape.

Herbs are generally pest-free and can often be over wintered in zones 3-9.

See The Best of Medicinal Herb Seed. on our Sheffield's Seed Co. Website for some recommendations.

The responsibility for using plants medicinally is yours. We cannot assume any liability for any detrimental influences.

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