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December Seed Packet of the Month - Black Walnut Tree Seed


Native to North America, Black Walnut is one of the most acclaimed species of our hardwoods. This deciduous tree grows straight and tall to 50'+. Our forefathers sought it out and it was extensively used in the construction of homes, barns, and fences; it finishes beautifully, is easy to work, durable and resistant to disease. The seeds mature in the fall to green fleshy fruit. Juglans nigra grows well from seed at a fast rate in Zones 5-9.  The plant will awaken when exposed to warm conditions in the spring. Known for it rich edible nuts, lumber and ornamental trees, the Black Walnut is one of our national treasures.

Attributes of the Black Walnut Tree:


Seed Start in December for Spring Sowing

Rich flavors nuts for wildlife and humans consumption
Ornamental Tree growing straight at a fast rate
Highly valued wood, strong, resistance to decay
Hard Wood for Construction, Furniture with good grain, easy to work with 

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